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Graphic Design

Amanda Cahatol Picture

Amanda Cahatol


Amery Giesbrecht Picture

Amery Giesbrecht

Amery likes making things pretty.

Andy Tymchyshyn Picture

Andy Tymchyshyn


Arianne Yuson Picture

Arianne Yuson

The balance between good design and good food

Brenna Linton Picture

Brenna Linton

Illustrator • Potter • Designer

Brent Fisher Picture

Brent Fisher

Where's the beef?

Carolyn Townend Picture

Carolyn Townend

What a time to be alive.

Dayna Rempel Picture

Dayna Rempel

branding, editorial, donuts

Emily Jane Picture

Emily Jane

The better choice over Microsoft Word.

Emily Simoes Picture

Emily Simoes

Less is more.

Genesis Phil Lara Picture

Genesis Phil Lara

Monsters, big, BIG monsters!

Hailley Furkalo Picture

Hailley Furkalo

Fueled by tea and Independent films.

Hannah Teakle Picture

Hannah Teakle

Illustration & Graphic design

Jennifer Antonio Picture

Jennifer Antonio

I'm your UX/UI designer and poutine kind of girl.

Jesse Bergen Picture

Jesse Bergen

Will draw anything but blood.

Jordan Wooster Picture

Jordan Wooster

Es majico sabor

Jada Zazulinski Picture

Jada Zazulinski

Concepts, creativity and coffee.

Kara Perfanick Picture

Kara Perfanick

Graphic Design, illustration and... plants.

Lidia Bahadori Picture

Lidia Bahadori

keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow, it's what sunflowers do.

Qi Wang Picture

Qi Wang

Illustrator and Designer

Madyson Olson Picture

Madyson Olson

Design. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Marielle Pangan Picture

Marielle Pangan


mackenzie giesbrecht Picture

mackenzie giesbrecht

A very tired designer

Marisa Giesbrecht Picture

Marisa Giesbrecht




UX/UI design

Meirav Nepon Picture

Meirav Nepon


Navi Benipal Picture

Navi Benipal

I believe that every design is beautiful in its own unique way.

Ryan Ginter Picture

Ryan Ginter

Level 7 Gray Jedi

Shay Harder Picture

Shay Harder

I roll with a gang, they call me mom.

Sky Dheere Picture

Sky Dheere


Seb Leney Picture

Seb Leney

Graphic design, illustrator, and Web developer.

Shaun Safinuk Picture

Shaun Safinuk

design and sarcasm

Runyang Li Picture

Runyang Li

If you really want it, no one can stop you!

Wendell Llado Picture

Wendell Llado

Yee Yee


Angela Aquino Picture

Angela Aquino

My name is Angela, hey hello! 3D artist with a love for snacks (´。• ω •。`)

Aldrin Ken Dela Cruz Picture

Aldrin Ken Dela Cruz

3D Modeler / Digital Sculpting / Junior Stereographer. I like anime and video games.

Ashley Rebillard Picture

Ashley Rebillard

design, illustrations & avocados

Ashley Jaworenko Picture

Ashley Jaworenko

I'm a web designer who aspires to make peoples lives better through my work.

Ashlyn Erickson Picture

Ashlyn Erickson

Videographer and Motion Graphics Editor with a love for anything cinematic.

Béla Ponzilius Picture

Béla Ponzilius

Through hard work and perseverance I strive to create 3D work that conveys quality, detail, and passion.

Carson Jepsen Picture

Carson Jepsen

2D & 3D Animator, Digital Artist, and Graphic Designer. Design is my bread and butter.

Connor Templeman Picture

Connor Templeman

Video and Motion Graphics Artist. Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock.

Rachel Bouvier Picture

Rachel Bouvier

I'm an illustrator and 3D major who loves video games, anime, and concept art! Feel free to check out my portfolio!

Carly Stockford Picture

Carly Stockford

I graduated from Digital Media Design, majoring in Web Design. I also enjoy photography, graphic design, and coach skiing in my spare time.

Darylyn Antonio Picture

Darylyn Antonio

A motion graphic person who does 3D, Illustration and Design Fuelled by Gore films.

Darren Place Picture

Darren Place

Visual Effects artist / Colourist with a passion to create. My life is measured in fps.

Dylan Queen Picture

Dylan Queen

Majored in 3D. I love games, anime, and I'm a huge art and design appreciator. Wanna see my stuff? Check out my website!

Elaine Chau Picture

Elaine Chau

Modern. Foreign. Beguile and an eye for style ~ | 3D | Graphic Design | Illustration |

Ephraim Francisco Picture

Ephraim Francisco

3D Major with an eye for detail and quality. Always willing to learn and enhance my skills.

Liezel Gaspar Picture

Liezel Gaspar

I like to make things move, fly, and dance! | Click me |

Jamie Bileski Picture

Jamie Bileski

I grew a lot of grey hairs since starting this program.

Jan Lipio Picture

Jan Lipio

Graphic Design, Photography, Videography is what I specialize in.

Joel Tjaden Picture

Joel Tjaden

The T is silent

Jeet Patel Picture

Jeet Patel

I can do this all day.

Kylie-Ann Crystoval Picture

Kylie-Ann Crystoval

Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist, I love being behind the camera and capturing the world through my lens!

Mario Daniel Alvizuris Picture

Mario Daniel Alvizuris

My primary goal is to deliver extraordinary visual content that resonates to the viewer and that enhances the work I do.

Melanie Hildebrand Picture

Melanie Hildebrand

I am a web designer who loves to problem solve and create user friendly interfaces.

Mitchell Harder Picture

Mitchell Harder

3D Artist and Game Enthusiast // Possibly the best on this page, definitely should be clicked on

Natasha Kornelsen Picture

Natasha Kornelsen

I'm a video and motion graphics artist.

Narathip Sarrapanya Picture

Narathip Sarrapanya

Design | Motion | Gamer

Prathmesh Soni Picture

Prathmesh Soni

3D Modeler, Concept Artist, Gamer, Click to know more...

Rain Ricketts-Poirier Picture

Rain Ricketts-Poirier

I'm a 3D major who loves to create unique characters, environments, and assets.

Sasha Krywenko Picture

Sasha Krywenko

My name is Sasha Krywenko. I am a 3D Major, with experience in Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, and Blender.

Tyra Beaumont Picture

Tyra Beaumont

3D Modeler | Digital Sculpter | Junior Stereographer. I'm a 3D Artist with a passion for creation and creativity!

Valeria Guénette Picture

Valeria Guénette

As a 3D artist, I long to create beautiful and immersive stories and environments that captivate and excite audiences all over the world.

Joseph Vonn Martin Picture

Joseph Vonn Martin

Let's give life to the characters we make!