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Graphic Design

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Alicia Feakes

I love doodling, bookbinding, and making music in my closet.

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Alex Fisher

Editorial / Branding / Illustration

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Ben Evancio

Make it fresh.

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Breanna Hradowy

Meaningful design is what I strive for.

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Brendan Wiens

Good with names, good with games.

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Chelsea Sanders

(✿ ◠‿◠)

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Devin Tanner

Netflix is my thing.

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Diana Blumczynski

I'm passionate about creative design solutions and illustration.

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Dominique Nadeau

Hello/Bonjour! I'm Dominique. What's your name?

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Drew Wiebe

I've wanted to be a graphic designer since elementary school.

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Everly Brooke

Artist and Graphic Designer with a passion for problem solving.

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Cyrene Bautista

design & illustration

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Erin Kozier

Graphic Design / Fine Arts / Treats

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Gabbie Relador

Hey there! Resident illustrator and graphic designer here. Nice to meet 'cha! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)/

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Hannah Beil

Illustration and production is my thing.

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Joshua Hunt

I love branding, logo development and hot coffee. Let's get weird.

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Jonathan Laxdal

Graphic designer and all-around good guy.

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Jordyn Crossman

how well i do in mario kart determines how i value myself as a person

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James Raine

A quiet contrarian who likes loud designs and ear-splitting music.

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Kira Gregory

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

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Lauren Wittmann

Designer x Maker

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Tiffany Thunder

I am an illustrator and a Graphic Designer :)

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Maria Eduarda Maranhão

Branding, Campaign, Editorial, and Web Design are my passions.

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Manny Berkal-Sarbit

Design + Photography

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Mike Lamont

I'm primarily interested in visual identity, editorial and web design.

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Michelle Slobodian

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? Yeah, I'm a graphic designer with big ideas.

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Mikyla Lakie

Passionate about the creative problem solving that design brings

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Samuel Neal

top skills: TBA

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Olivia Hiebert

Specializing in illustration, marketing design, branding, and editorial design.

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sinnah koroma

I’m committed to producing functional and effective designs that are idea driven.

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Talia Steele

I like printmaking + experimental design.


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Aidan Padgett Reimer

My goal is to entertain, engage, inform, and move audiences through video and animation.

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Alice RL

Nonbinary Ojibawe illustrator and UX designer.

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Andrea Case

web design, visual identity and photography.

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Ashley Davis

I'm Ashley Davis and this is my favorite program on the Citadel.

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Alexandra Smith

I'm a 3D artist and my skills include modeling, texturing, rendering and drawing.

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Brendan Dong

Hello there! Video production and motion graphics is my passion!

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Brandon Letkeman

dseign 'n stfuf

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Bridget Penny

A local designer and sign painter.

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Brock Stevenson

Passionate in Web Design, Digital Media Design, Communication, and Teamwork.

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Calvin Joseph

Calvin Joseph is a conceptual thinker, who specializes in Fine Art, Design, and Photograph

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Janet Adamana

Web Design & Development, UX/UI Design, Marketing & Communications

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Ernie Agravante

3D Artist - Modelling / Texturing / Lighting+Rendering

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Erika Deak

3D Artist // Designer // Toy Maker // Badass

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Emily Funk

I am a 3D generalist, but most passionate about 3D modelling, Texturing, and Game Design

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Erin Ringland

Web Development, Illustration, Web + Graphic Design, & Slurpees.

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Evan T. Plett

Video + Motion Design.

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Adam Fainman

I'm an Audio/Visual Producer who loves Video, Animation, Music and Photography

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Gabriel Barnabé

Sharing story through visuals, I specialize in photography, video, and motion design.

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Edgardo Ventura

Victoria Justice.. I know you trynna touch this!

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Kerri Martens

Video | Motion Graphics

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Kenn Limpin

Viewing life one frame at a time.

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Clinton Dyck

3D Modelling, 3D Sculpting, Illustration, Graphic Design

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Lasha Conan

CSS/Wordpress/HTML/Graphic Design. You want your site to look so fine; it's Lasha Time™

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Mikayla Little

Design / Photography / Editing / Puns Professional. Simple. Fun.

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Matthew Reimer

Video, Web Development, UI/UX Design, & Graphic Design

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Nic Herzog

Web Design | UX & UI | Video Production | Graphic Design

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Noah Hurley


Prathamesh Madia Icon
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Prathamesh Madia

3D Artist+Illustrations

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Rachel Campbell

Web designer, UX/UI designer, Illustrator and Branding and logo design

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Roman Teplouhov

Addicted to eye candy.

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Sophie Desrochers

3D + Illustration + Artist

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Shelby Draxten Lutz

Detail-oriented 3D design student with a love of modeling, surfacing and animation.

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Susan Green

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, foundation and cutegrids.

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Simone Light Picture

Simone Light

Modelling, sculpting, animating, designing and drawing.

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Ryan Seradilla

Digital Artist // Videographer // Illustrator // Sculptor

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Taylor Sheppard

Photography, Motion Graphics, Design.

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Tyler MacNeish

-3D Sculpts-Animations-Renderings-Texturing- "Making footprints, never stepping in them."

Vanessabelle Villafuerte Icon
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Vanessabelle Villafuerte

UI/UX Designer | Front-end Developer Making the web more beautiful one pixel at a time.


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Jordan O'Neill

Hard Surface Modeling | Materials | Low Poly | Rendering

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Megan Alcock

3D Modeling // Texturing // Rendering // Magic

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Daniel Harrison

3D Animation | 3D Modelling | Environment Art | Unreal Engine 4

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Devon Arason

Environment Art, Asset Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting

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Deepinder Dhillon

Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Unreal engine 4

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Ibrahim Shahin

✨Art and code in one convenient package✨ I live my life a quarter mile at a time.

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Jennifer Yu

(ノ •̀ ω•́ )ノ*:・゚✧ - illustration / 3D

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Shayla Gallagher-Cohoon

Shayla likes long walks on the beach, fighting virtual enemies in the arena, and cats.

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Mike Safioles


Steven O'Brennan Icon
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Steven O'Brennan

3D character and material artist. Specialized in zBrush, Substance and Maya.

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Margarita Danilov

Graphic Design 3D Modelling Visual Effects

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Spencer Coppens

Life . . . uh . . . finds a way.

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Thanh Bui

3D Artist - Modeing - Texturing - Rendering

YING LIN Picture


3D modeling / texturing / material / rendering

Adv Graphic Design

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Amy Wood

But first, coffee.

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Braden Froese

A bradical dude surrounded by bradass people.

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David Bock

Hand-to-hand combat, hand-to-foot combat, wombat-combat, Mortal Kombat©

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Diara Misquitta

No too little not too much. Just right.

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Dylan Friesen

Dsegin is mroe tahn jsut a fainl porcdut, i’ts an etxnsioen of how we are mdae.

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Emily Campbell

I rollerblade because walking is too slow.

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Faith Robert Picture

Faith Robert

It's the imperfections that make life perfect.

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Hailey Graham Picture

Hailey Graham

Ligatures & Snacks

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Kevin Jorgenson


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Leanne Frejuk

Craft, cat and food enthusiast.

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Marc Lapointe

I love solving visual problems with illustration & typography.

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Sarah Ziegler

Don't quote me on that!

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Tabatha Ptashnik

“Good morning! Just wondering if the croissants were in?”