Graphic Design

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Amy Wood

Design, Illustration, Caffeine.

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Braden Froese

Tower of power, too sweet to be sour.

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David Bock


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Deanna Leppik

I'm an aspiring artist, hairdresser, and now graphic designer. I love illustration, colour, and working my butt off for what I want.

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dylan friesen

Dsegin is mroe tahn jsut a fainl porcdut, i’ts an etxnsioen of how we are mdae.

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Emily Campbell

Make it happen.

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Elis Wautier

I’m an illustrator with a passion for expression. I’m an innovative designer wishing to mark a change in this world.

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Faith Robert

I enjoy traveling to observe the world of design; it is a natural guide to expanding my creativity and abilities to design for everyone.

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Hailey Graham

I like to make things.

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Sarah Ziegler

Handmade creations, smiles, and the natural world. These are a few of my favourite things.

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Isabelle Ruiz

cat collector / candy connoisseur / indie gamer

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Jodeci Correa

[Joe-Duh-See] Graphic design extraordinaire also known as The Bad Boys of R&B.(Google: Jodeci)

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Jonathan Findlay

I make things.

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Lexi Watson

One Direction enthusiast.

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Kamryn Ann Hrominchuk

I'm a small town Graphic Designer & Rock n Roller from Dauphin, MB

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Katrina Dalrymple

Passionate for all things art & design. A love for travelling, swimming, letter writing, and afternoon tea breaks of course!

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Kevin Jorgenson

We should probably order a pizza?

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Leanne Frejuk

I enjoy silk screening, taking pictures of my cat and bacon.

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Luiza Baptista

I love being a part of a community that strives to make the world more beautiful.

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Marc Lapointe

As long as it's got bacon. Also, beer. We need beer.

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Mason Calanza

If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it.

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Neil Akemi

I like simple things.

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Patricia Gaddi


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Rachel Blunden

To improve and learn something each day keeps me motivated. I go through life with curiosity, silly faces and a cup of tea.

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Reilly Craig

It's an odd life that we live, Create while you can.

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Renée Peters

design, travel, chocolate.

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Robyn Sawatzky

Finding joy in the small things. Illustrator and now graphic designer, I like to make things look cool.

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John Ly

Open your wings and fly to your dream!

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Thyago Furtado

UX Design, Lettering, Animation, Advertising, Photography, Branding... My goal is to challenge my skills and enjoy what life has to offer!

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Tabatha Ptashnik

I try to not take myself too seriously.

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Yani Santos

I design not for decoration but for purpose. Photography | Film | Cookies

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Ashley Ziolkoski

"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection." - Leonardo da Vinci

Graphic Design Advanced

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Adam Globa

I don't know, man.

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Amanda McWha

Risk it for the biscuit.

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Avery Helm

Enthusiasm enthusiast.

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Adria Warren

Pickle enthusiast

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Braden Schulenberg

Well shit

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chloe kandilakis

Hi my name is chloe

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Jesse Warkentin

I am a musician, artist and designer from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I love analogue film, screen printing, tube amplifyers and strong IPAs.

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James Firby

I'm a Graphic Designer with a background in theatre. A passion for sci-fi and making things with my hands out of everything and anything.

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Hailey Kostusik

Hey, I'm HaileyKay! If you enjoy spooky stuff, you've come to the right place.

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Hely Gabriela Schumann

"We were buddies, Harold. You, me, and Fresno Bob. You know what they did to Bob?"

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Isabelle Kilimnik

One man's garbage is another man person's good ungarbage

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Jaclyn St. Vincent


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Jackie Markiewicz

A self-proclaimed video game addict, typography enthusiast, crazy bird lady & pop-punk junkie.

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Michaela Shaver

What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy.

Digital Media Design

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Arlan Goot

Hello, from the other side.

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Amanda Kopp

   “homie I'm graduated"     ― Kanye West

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Angelus-Mariæ Lucas

So… I guess our pictures were supposed to be facing right?

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Alomar Pagtalunan

Video & motion graphics drive my creative flow. I also enjoy digital design and creative story telling! To bring it all together is bliss.

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Amy Pletz

I am a video & motion graphics major that specializes in video & graphic design, with a bit of web development to keep things interesting.

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Ben Fransoo

I'm a Video and Motion Graphics major from Winnipeg that still loves working on the occasional 3D or graphic design project.

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Charles Ventura

Wait, So i'm not supposed to be looking at the camera?

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Chris Flores Picture

Chris Flores

I am a 3D major who also specializes in Graphic Design, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics, & VFX. I like to defy expectations.

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Christian Amiel Miranda

I am a digital artist, illustrator, graphic designer and texture artist. I specialize in digital painting and comic book illustrations.

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Shayla Gallagher-Cohoon

Video game nerd, with a love for art and visual storytelling. In my free time I plan my upcoming world conquest and shadow write for Daniel.

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Eric Czyzycki Picture

Eric Czyzycki

Web designer and coffee addict, loves to tweet and meet new people. He sounds cool but unfortunately he's a habs fan...

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Daniel Harrison

I am a 3D artist and illustrator. I specialize in 3D animation and aspire to be a professional 3D rigger.

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Deepinder Dhillon

I am a 3d Artist/graphic designer. I have Good Skills in modeling and texturing. My dream is to become 3D concept artist in the future.

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Destiny Gulewich

I am passionate about beautiful cinematography, great story telling, and bouncy motion graphics.

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Devon Arason

3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering. These are just some of the skills I've specialized in on my quest to become a game studio 3D Artist!

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David Greisman

Video. | Photo. | Motion. Give a me a fish and I'll eat for a day. Give me a camera and I'll starve, I need food.

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Gustavo Magalhães

Besides my passion for web technology and graphic design, I am an avid music lover, songwriter, and guitarist.

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Jennifer Yu

- illustration / 3D graphics - (ノ •̀ ω•́ )ノ*:・゚✧

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Jesse Dyck

Webby stuff

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Jordan O'Neill

I am 3D Artist and Graphic Designer. I specialize in modeling, animation, and rendering. I like to make sure everything can be it's best.

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Katherine Huynh

Create Happiness.

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Lian Pries

I specialize in graphic design, photography and web development. I like to communicate content through polished layouts and modern designs.

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Mack Vargas

Professional picture mover.

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Mark Delorme

I'm a 3D artist aspiring to become a texture artist where I can bring life to characters and their environments.

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Michael Rogowski Picture

Michael Rogowski

Hello! I like making stuff look pretty. I’m a motion graphics major with an intense focus on design and audio/visual synchronization.

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Mike Safioles

I do 3D Art, Graphic Design, and Game Development. I am actually a robot but don't tell the government or they'll disassemble me.

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Nicolette Nuytten

Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics. Lover of cats and comic books. I want to inspire people creatively.

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Niyati Mehta

Hiiii, I am Niyati Mehta. I am Digital Media Designer. I work for Graphic Design, character Design, 3D computer graphics and wordpress.

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Rohan Shrotre Picture

Rohan Shrotre

I am a 3d Artist. I have Good Skills in modelling and animation. Rigging is my passion, I'm learning new techniques in rigging.

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Spencer Coppens Picture

Spencer Coppens

Hey! My name is Spencer and I'm a 3D Major. You can check out my website to see some of my work!

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Stephanie Morris Picture

Stephanie Morris

Web Designer, Graphic Artist & Full Time Soccer Lover.

Stephany Rempel Icon
Stephany Rempel Picture

Stephany Rempel

I am a DMD student and I majored in Web. I focus on Ui/Ux Design, Graphic Design, as well as Front-end Web Development.

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Tiff Bartel Picture

Tiff Bartel

Film festival, file format, lil scrap.

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Yue Lu Picture

Yue Lu

3D Artist & Graphic designer. Skilled at drawing, animation... Oh wait, where is my glasses?

3D Computer Graphics

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Aj Magyar

3D Animation Artist I am driven, passionate, and excited to start a great Animation career!

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Amanda Wawyn Picture

Amanda Wawyn

I love making 3D game environments! Lord of the Rings enthusiast, gamer, cat lover.

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Brenna Blackman Picture

Brenna Blackman

Environment Artist. Hero of Time

Casey Chipman Icon
Casey Chipman Picture

Casey Chipman

3D Surfacing and Lighting Artist with a taste of deep thoughts!

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Dave Colvinson Picture

Dave Colvinson

Destroyer of Boredom. Creator of WORLDS.

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Jonas Jantzen

Don't follow your dreams, follow my twitter @jantzenjonas

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Mason Roy Picture

Mason Roy

Plz hire me!

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Sam Schoenborn Picture

Sam Schoenborn

Hobbies: drawing, eating cherries, pretending that I can garden

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Scott Delorme Picture

Scott Delorme

3D Game Environment Artist. Fan of Lovecraftian horror. Dark Souls & Bloodborne Scholar. Dark fantasy enthusiast and I have a beard.

Shera Starr Icon
Shera Starr Picture

Shera Starr

I'm a 3d generalist that has a passion for learning. Game jams, research and VR are especially my thing.

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Tia Grantham Picture

Tia Grantham

"Keep moving forward" - Monty Oum

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Kyle Lillies Picture

Kyle Lillies

A fellow graphic designer that specializes in character development. Enjoys 2D/3D animation, drawing and writing.