Graphic Design

"Without aesthetic, design is either the humdrum repetition of familiar clichés or a wild scramble for novelty. Without the aesthetic, the computer is but a mindless speed machine, producing effects without substance. Form without relevant content, or content without meaningful form."
Paul Rand

Adria Warren Picture

Adria Warren

Pickle enthusiast.

Adam Globa Picture

Adam Globa

I don't know, man.

Allan Richard Picture

Allan Richard

Man of the hour, the tower of power, always sweet and never sour.

Amanda McWha Picture

Amanda McWha

Gettin' 'er done.

Ashlee Norton Picture

Ashlee Norton

Hi. I'm Ashlee, I make things.

Avery Helm Picture

Avery Helm

Traveller. Listener. Dog person. Passionate about learning.

Bryanna Massey Picture

Bryanna Massey

"Good things come to those who work hard for it."

Bernice May Tuano Picture

Bernice May Tuano

Hurro there (8

Braden Schulenberg Picture

Braden Schulenberg

I write things on my hands.

Chris Bryer Picture

Chris Bryer

Illustration, design, and happy hour enthusiast.

Chloe Kandilakis Picture

Chloe Kandilakis

Super perfundo on the early eve of your day

Devon Edie Picture

Devon Edie

A coffee addict providing creative services as a graphic designer, and photo professional.

Evelyn Kooiker Picture

Evelyn Kooiker

Small town girl, passionate about music, animals, sports and the outdoors.

Emily MacDonald Picture

Emily MacDonald

A positive, hardworking, small town girl, who’s excited to take on the world of design.

Quinn Carberry Picture

Quinn Carberry

"constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating."

Hailey Kostusik Picture

Hailey Kostusik

Hi! I'm Hailey Kostusik, A graphic designer looking to make new connections. Please visit my website to view my most recent creative works.

Isabelle Kilimnik Picture

Isabelle Kilimnik

I confess my life in elevators.

Jackie Markiewicz Picture

Jackie Markiewicz

Hello! I’m Jackie, a graphic designer, self-proclaimed video game addict, crazy bird lady & pop-punk junkie.

Jaclyn St. Vincent Picture

Jaclyn St. Vincent

Small town girl full of wanderlust and creative potential.

Jenna Arlegue Picture

Jenna Arlegue

Calm. Cool. Caffeinated.

Janel C Chau Picture

Janel C Chau


James Firby Picture

James Firby

Oh wow! An opportunity to show my creativity! ... I can't think of anything. Let's just get ice cream instead.

Jacob Howie Picture

Jacob Howie

Sugar, spice, and insanity. Wrapped into one little package just for you.

justin viloria Picture

justin viloria

*sniff sniff..Do I Stink??

Jesse Warkentin Picture

Jesse Warkentin

Artist/designer/musician from Winnipeg. Loves analogue process. Bathes in ink.

Matthew Yathon Picture

Matthew Yathon

"Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination." –Mark Twain

Melvin Torres Picture

Melvin Torres

Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

Mackenzie Plowman Picture

Mackenzie Plowman

If you like pizza we already have something in common.

Megan Parkes Picture

Megan Parkes

Borderline tree hugger and coffee fanatic who loves illustration and design.

Matt Perrin Picture

Matt Perrin

No breaks. Thrills not skills. One day I will live in a storage container home in a tree.

Michaela Shaver Picture

Michaela Shaver

I enjoy long walks on the beach, reciting Tolstoy, discussing the vast intricacies of life, and trashy pop music. Still not enticed?

Raquel Borsos Picture

Raquel Borsos

I have a passion for creating an expression of mood and personality in the creative industry.

Reanna Joy Rothwell Picture

Reanna Joy Rothwell

I'm a disney princess, always will be. Loving the world of design & excited to see what it brings. Twining for life. <3

Regina Resoso Picture

Regina Resoso

"I thought I won the fight :D ..He didn't do nothing- " – Manny Pacquiao

Rebecca Twilley Picture

Rebecca Twilley

Well... I just don't know what to say!

Hely Schumann Picture

Hely Schumann

"Design is the decisions we make about the world we want to live in." - Wilson Miner

Teri Klowak Picture

Teri Klowak


Graphic Design Advanced

"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people."
Leo Burnett

Abra West Picture

Abra West

Visual & Interaction Design

Chris(topher) Galang Picture

Chris(topher) Galang

I like hoodies.

Dylan Perrella Picture

Dylan Perrella

Al Guzzi is my uncle.

Kaitlyn Horch Picture

Kaitlyn Horch


Kristen Masters Picture

Kristen Masters

Fueled by coffee and good vibes.

Mike Haynes Picture

Mike Haynes

Will work for comics.

Megan Neufeld Picture

Megan Neufeld

Fast talking and happy as can be

Noah Hurley Picture

Noah Hurley


Réanne Chamberland Picture

Réanne Chamberland

Fiddle player and outdoor enthusiast

Robyn Kacperski Picture

Robyn Kacperski

Minimalism with sass

JR Francisco Picture

JR Francisco

"Sometimes I get emotional over fonts." – Kanye West

Roman Teplouhov Picture

Roman Teplouhov

Adrenaline junkie who loves drum & bass.

Steven Martz Picture

Steven Martz

Soft-spots for animals and tiny houses.

Digital Media Design

"Success is a journey, not a destination."
Ben Sweetland

Alejandra Elizabeth Edith Barraza Picture

Alejandra Elizabeth Edith Barraza

Dances, knits, crafts, designs, illustration, video, and motion graphics

Andrew Jackson Bertram Picture

Andrew Jackson Bertram

Camera work, photography, designing and editing are my areas of interest. Video games and comic books are also my areas of interest.

AJ Magyar Picture

AJ Magyar

The newbie in 3D but never a dull moment! Aspiring to be a 3D Animation Artist.

Angel Raymond Picture

Angel Raymond

I'm passionate about video, editing, and motion graphics!

Amanda Wawyn Picture

Amanda Wawyn

I love 3D modelling and texturing! Also video games, books, and cats.

Brett Neufeld Picture

Brett Neufeld

I am an illustrator, concept artist and designer specializing in 2D digital painting, with a minor in low-poly 3D modelling and texturing.

Brenna Blackman Picture

Brenna Blackman

Hero of Time Intern.

Brooke Schreiber Picture

Brooke Schreiber

Construct // Create // Coffee

Carly Anne Houle Picture

Carly Anne Houle

I know how to make websites, and I also probably know what breed your dog is.

Casey Chipman Picture

Casey Chipman

I click buttons and things appear on the screen, I can't explain how it works but apparently I know how to do it!

Cole Stoughton Picture

Cole Stoughton

shoutout to all the pear

Aimee Copper Conway Picture

Aimee Copper Conway

Illustrator and Motion Graphic Artist. Nerd who needs more comics, and to spend more time in the sun.

Denny Atienza Picture

Denny Atienza

I made a square move; all of sudden people called me an animator.

Dave Colvinson Picture

Dave Colvinson

3D Artist, Animator and Gaming Enthusiast. Always looking for an excuse to make the world a little more fun!

Diana Van Damme Picture

Diana Van Damme

Concept artist and lover of 2D animation.

Dominique Ledoyen Picture

Dominique Ledoyen

Of course I love design and beautiful things. Everyone matters, always be grateful and smile.

Dillon Prefontaine Picture

Dillon Prefontaine

Well I guess I could tell you about how I am a Videographer/Motion Graphics Designer. Don't suppose you need any work done?

Jordan Morgan Picture

Jordan Morgan

"Jordan is one of the most talented video effects artists I've ever seen." - Jordan Morgan

Jenna Priestner Picture

Jenna Priestner

I am a Winnipeg based designer & musician. I'm nerdy about typography, grids, and gig posters. Available for freelance work.

Jordan Maschio Picture

Jordan Maschio

Studies Character Rigging and Animation

Joanna Cacao Picture

Joanna Cacao

Passionate in illustration, design, & storytelling. Inhales comics, animation, and coffee.

Jonas Jantzen Picture

Jonas Jantzen

3D Modeler/Sculptor by day, nerd and video game enthusiast....also by day!

Justin Unrau Picture

Justin Unrau

I am a typography, comic book and video-game nerd. I love to create awesome websites, logos, and print media.

Katelyn Sawatzky Picture

Katelyn Sawatzky

I love graphic and web design, I love being on Adobe programs all day long, and I love to challenge myself to be the best designer I can be!

Kim Melissa Picture

Kim Melissa

Not only do I mix majors, I also mix records, smoothies, and cocktails.

Madison Rachelle Champagne Picture

Madison Rachelle Champagne

I love drawing cartoons and making documentaries

Mason Edward Roy Picture

Mason Edward Roy

When I’m not playing video games or having fun with my friends, I like to spend my creating models and textures for 3D game environments.

Natasha Zyrianova Picture

Natasha Zyrianova

The web of my life: design, dancing and dogs.

Shera Starr Picture

Shera Starr

I love video, 3d, animation, sound, health/wellness and video game design. My greatest passion is learning and trying a bit of everything!

Patrick Velena Picture

Patrick Velena

3D Modeler & animator, gigposter enthusiast, and an aspiring Professional-DOTA2 player.

Pedro Piastrele Picture

Pedro Piastrele

What if we give a little motion to that design?

Sara Wilde Picture

Sara Wilde

I came here to drink coffee and make 3D models. I'm not out of coffee so I guess I'll just keep doing both.

Scott Yzer Picture

Scott Yzer

Web designer, Print designer, lover of sports and all things Pez. All wrapped up in a 6 ft 2 package.

Scott Delorme Picture

Scott Delorme

3D Artist specializing in Character Design / Development... You could say my work is on the darker side. :D

Shashanna Saunderson Picture

Shashanna Saunderson

Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere... Never use COMIC SANS!!! [Web Designer]

Sam Schoenborn Picture

Sam Schoenborn

I don't write bios.

Steve Bow Picture

Steve Bow

Adventurer, Outdoor Enthusiast and Sports Fans. I enjoy Photography and Video Motion Graphics. Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Tia Caitlyn Grantham Picture

Tia Caitlyn Grantham

Stuff and things to do with 3D. Also video games, movies, and animals.

Kyle Lillies Picture

Kyle Lillies

Concept artist that specializes in character development. Loves 2D animation, Lovecraftian Horror, Steampunk and insects.



"Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." I am a designer who enjoy creating striking visuals .

Zeph Rissin Picture

Zeph Rissin

I like to make things, then make those things move in a pleasing and amusing way. Yes, most amusing.

3D Computer Graphics

"Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world."
Thomas Moore

Mario Cournyoer Picture

Mario Cournyoer

3D Architectural visualization is my pride and joy!

Ariel Remillard Picture

Ariel Remillard

I'm a 3D artist with a passion for video games and making comics... so why not fuse the two and make comics in 3D?

Thomas Murphy Picture

Thomas Murphy

Upbeat, creative 3D artist specializing in video game asset creation and a flare for stylized visuals.

Carlie Lytwyn Picture

Carlie Lytwyn

I like green. And sparkles.

Inderpreet Surjan Picture

Inderpreet Surjan

3D Artist with the love for Cars and Video Games. I do Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing.

Kara Idzik Picture

Kara Idzik

What I lack in height, I make up for in 3D talent.

Kathryn Jane Guenther Picture

Kathryn Jane Guenther

Does 3D animation, likes to doodle, sketch, and watch cartoons!

Kenton Nickel Picture

Kenton Nickel

Animator, Modeler, Entrepreneur, Sandwich Enthusiast.

Lakisha Kiki Duyile Picture

Lakisha Kiki Duyile

Graduated of the 3D Computer Graphics post-graduate program. I enjoy creating 3D models of game assets, environments and architecture.

Devin Reimer Picture

Devin Reimer

Traditional artist recently converted to the dark side - digital 3D art. Paint and clay have become pixels and polygons.

Raymond Pelletier Picture

Raymond Pelletier

Material Alchemist. Puzzle Solver. Procedural Enthusiast. I like video games.

Robson Ribeiro Picture

Robson Ribeiro

3D Generalist Artist focused in animation. "Movement is everywhere", be a better professional is my daily goal.

Ryan Carevic Picture

Ryan Carevic

3D Artist specializing in lighting, rendering and compositing.

Sarah Wood Picture

Sarah Wood

A 3D artist passionate about modeling and fun hand-painted textures. Has a strong love for cartoons and video games.

Trevan Crowe Picture

Trevan Crowe

I like 3D stuff