Graphic Design

"Without aesthetic, design is either the humdrum repetition of familiar clichés or a wild scramble for novelty. Without the aesthetic, the computer is but a mindless speed machine, producing effects without substance. Form without relevant content, or content without meaningful form."
Paul Rand

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Abra West Icon
Abra West Picture

Abra West

Passionately driven to create positive change through inspiring graphic design.

Adam Wiebe Icon
Adam Wiebe Picture

Adam Wiebe

A big lover of retro design. I like double plays and the outdoors. If you need a man to swing an axe, I'll happily be that guy.

Amira Eskandarani Icon
Amira Eskandarani Picture

Amira Eskandarani

" The world without designers it's like black it's like black and white image" Amira Eskandarani

Amy Pletz Icon
Amy Pletz Picture

Amy Pletz

Have a knack for the artistic side with an additional love of movies and music.

Cassandra Mae McIvor Icon
Cassandra Mae McIvor Picture

Cassandra Mae McIvor

Alongside design, I'm passionate about many creative outlets including drawing, painting, photography, writing and cats.

Chui Choy Icon
Chui Choy Picture

Chui Choy

I like to design, eat chocolate, and travel. Doing all of these at once is my dream.

Celia Bryn McLean Icon
Celia Bryn McLean Picture

Celia Bryn McLean

I came here because I knew how to make something look cool, but I didn't know how to make it work.

Christopher Galang Icon
Christopher Galang Picture

Christopher Galang

Red River Student // University of Manitoba Graduate // Gundam Enthusiast.

Cameron Marlatt Icon
Cameron Marlatt Picture

Cameron Marlatt

What a long strange trip its been.

Dylan Perrella Icon
Dylan Perrella Picture

Dylan Perrella

Graphic designer, pizza enthusiast.

Eric Dizon Icon
Eric Dizon Picture

Eric Dizon

I love the Olympics and airplanes. I can talk about them—all day.

Eric Senecal Icon
Eric Senecal Picture

Eric Senecal

Hi There!

Kaitlyn Horch Icon
Kaitlyn Horch Picture

Kaitlyn Horch

A self proclaimed health nut and a '90s Hip-Hop fanatic.

Jason Benias Icon
Jason Benias Picture

Jason Benias

Gear head at heart / Green means go! / Expert in creating laughter / Movie buff / Transformers fanatic / Coolest geek ever...sort of

Jordan Meixner Icon
Jordan Meixner Picture

Jordan Meixner

Passionate graphic designer that enjoys the outdoors and sports.

Jason Neufeld Icon
Jason Neufeld Picture

Jason Neufeld

I enjoy the outdoors. Some adventures have been tree planting, travelling in Thailand and snowboarding in the Rockies.

JR Francisco Icon
JR Francisco Picture

JR Francisco

I helped defeat Voldemort and Ganondorf, no biggie.

jessica Dawn wolfe Icon
jessica Dawn wolfe Picture

jessica Dawn wolfe

Hi! I'm Jessica. I'm a illustrator / graphic designer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I enjoy making people smile, and creating beautiful design.

Kristan Bremner Icon
Kristan Bremner Picture

Kristan Bremner


Kristin Keller Icon
Kristin Keller Picture

Kristin Keller

It's not a bell.

Kristen Masters Icon
Kristen Masters Picture

Kristen Masters

Making it happen.

Leila Baharikia Icon
Leila Baharikia Picture

Leila Baharikia

This is what makes me happy.

Martin Bshouty Icon
Martin Bshouty Picture

Martin Bshouty


Bryce Creasy Icon
Bryce Creasy Picture

Bryce Creasy

Wielding crochet hooks, splashing watercolours and burning myself with hot glue guns all day er'day.

Megan Neufeld Icon
Megan Neufeld Picture

Megan Neufeld

Athletic and Artistic (Yes, I'm for real)

Megan Ross Icon
Megan Ross Picture

Megan Ross

I love nature, and my hometown - Hillside Beach, Manitoba. I judge books by their covers. My goal is to get rid of ugliness (design)

Mike Haynes Icon
Mike Haynes Picture

Mike Haynes

Graphic designer, comic book addict and technology junkie.

Marc Mendoza Icon
Marc Mendoza Picture

Marc Mendoza

I was told taking combat sports while taking this course was a bad idea, but I'm still alive and my nose isn't broken yet.

Noah Hurley Icon
Noah Hurley Picture

Noah Hurley

I love designing, illustration and monsters.

Perry Sheard Icon
Perry Sheard Picture

Perry Sheard

Please feel free to browse my online portfolio!

Réanne Chamberland Icon
Réanne Chamberland Picture

Réanne Chamberland

Graphic designer, fiddle player and outdoor enthusiast.

Rhianna Browne Icon
Rhianna Browne Picture

Rhianna Browne

Hi! My name's Rhianna, and I'm a designer / illustrator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love reptiles, sans serif typefaces and chocolate.

Robyn Kacperski Icon
Robyn Kacperski Picture

Robyn Kacperski

From a ghost town, to a small town, to a small city. Next step...the world.

Roman Teplouhov Icon
Roman Teplouhov Picture

Roman Teplouhov

Dedicated Graphic Designer that loves to work in a wide range of mediums and listen to loud music.

Roxanne Dupuis Icon
Roxanne Dupuis Picture

Roxanne Dupuis

Half human/half robot with a penchant for mermaids & rabbits, packaged up neatly and tied with a bow.

Sheena Case Icon
Sheena Case Picture

Sheena Case

graphic designer / dog lady / candy connoisseur

Steven Martz Icon
Steven Martz Picture

Steven Martz

video games, fine wine & books. an idiot, genius, & seldom anything in between.

Chelsea Feener Icon
Chelsea Feener Picture

Chelsea Feener

I have a passion for Illustration and web design. I also like to paint, bake cookies, and play my guitar.

Tyler Sterdan Icon
Tyler Sterdan Picture

Tyler Sterdan

Have Tools — Will Travel

Vicky Buen Icon
Vicky Buen Picture

Vicky Buen

Yeezy taught me.

David Vokey Icon
David Vokey Picture

David Vokey

Easy-going designer with a passion for food, gaming and street art.

Graphic Design Advanced

"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people."
Leo Burnett

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Allie Thiessen Icon
Allie Thiessen Picture

Allie Thiessen

Photographer constantly inspired to learn and experience the world.

Andrea Tria Icon
Andrea Tria Picture

Andrea Tria

Infinitely curious.

Darcee Lytwyn Icon
Darcee Lytwyn Picture

Darcee Lytwyn

I'm sometimes known to spew out too many nerd facts, but I love this thing called design.

David Kotschorek Icon
David Kotschorek Picture

David Kotschorek

Mug shot photo aside...he's a pretty good guy.

Ethaniel Ritchot Icon
Ethaniel Ritchot Picture

Ethaniel Ritchot

An illustrator at heart, with a love for design. And Christmas.

Florence de Leon Icon
Florence de Leon Picture

Florence de Leon

Sports, Food, and Design.

James Diato Icon
James Diato Picture

James Diato

Everything epic.

Kat Boznianin Icon
Kat Boznianin Picture

Kat Boznianin

Kat otherwise known as "The Twihard" or "K-BOZ" lets out her eccentric side by living vicariously through characters in YA novels. Meow.

Kelli McCutcheon Icon
Kelli McCutcheon Picture

Kelli McCutcheon

Kelli was born in Winnipeg MB. Always being artistic she was told Graphic Design would be up her alley. Now having graduated she agrees.

Kristy Brady Icon
Kristy Brady Picture

Kristy Brady

Hi There!

Laura Brown Icon
Laura Brown Picture

Laura Brown

Loves travel, museums, languages, purses, and effective design. And is a dog person. (Sorry cats, you make her sneeze.)

Lindsey Ordoñez Icon
Lindsey Ordoñez Picture

Lindsey Ordoñez

Easily amazed and inspired by the smallest things, a lover of the grid, music, travel, books and of course, design.

Kristofer Salfert Icon
Kristofer Salfert Picture

Kristofer Salfert

Branding and typography is what I enjoy. Sail Easy.

Sarah Kruger Icon
Sarah Kruger Picture

Sarah Kruger

Hi, I'm Sarah.

Steve Ramos Icon
Steve Ramos Picture

Steve Ramos

Born and raised in gangsta Winnipeg. I love my family, friends, fitness and design.

Thomas Murphy Icon
Thomas Murphy Picture

Thomas Murphy

Advanced Graphic Design graduate

Travis Kohanek Icon
Travis Kohanek Picture

Travis Kohanek

A recent graphic design graduate, eager to begin life out in the real world.

Tyler Persaud Icon
Tyler Persaud Picture

Tyler Persaud

Hey, I'm Tyler.

Trevor Thomas Icon
Trevor Thomas Picture

Trevor Thomas

Some guy who thinks he knows what he's doing, poor guy.

Digital Media Design

"Success is a journey, not a destination."
Ben Sweetland

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Nicole Vandemosselaer Icon
Nicole Vandemosselaer Picture

Nicole Vandemosselaer

Illustration / Web / 90's Hip-Hop

Alysha Martin Icon
Alysha Martin Picture

Alysha Martin

Alysha is a motion designer whose passion lies in motion graphics and animation. She enjoys B-movies, comics, and music. And Star Trek.

Austin Buell Icon
Austin Buell Picture

Austin Buell

Videographer and Motion Graphic Designer

April Dunsmore Icon
April Dunsmore Picture

April Dunsmore

I am an over caffeinated and sleep deprived Video & Motion designer.

Carlie Lytwyn Icon
Carlie Lytwyn Picture

Carlie Lytwyn

I make stuff.

Caryl Chua Icon
Caryl Chua Picture

Caryl Chua

Hi there, I'm Caryl. I'm happiest creating 3D models and working on illustrations in Photoshop.

Cassy Regier Icon
Cassy Regier Picture

Cassy Regier

I'm Cassy, a Front-End Web Developer & Designer. I enjoy making the world and internet look pretty.

Charmagne Samson Icon
Charmagne Samson Picture

Charmagne Samson

I'm a Professional Photographer, Graphic Designer & 3D Artist in one. I love creating things in tied with emotions and things that works.

Dan Boey Icon
Dan Boey Picture

Dan Boey

Dan is a fun, talented guy who’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to his passion, film-making and motion graphics.

Dallas Cameron McDougall Icon
Dallas Cameron McDougall Picture

Dallas Cameron McDougall

My name is Dallas McDougall. I specialize in Video and Motion Graphics as well as illustration.

Garrett Kohanek Icon
Garrett Kohanek Picture

Garrett Kohanek

Video and Motion Designer. Always looking to create, learn, and be inspired.

Jummel Ilagan Icon
Jummel Ilagan Picture

Jummel Ilagan


Jonathan Dueck Icon
Jonathan Dueck Picture

Jonathan Dueck

Web Designer at Co-op@Home by day; partner at Collectif by night.

Jyles Klassen Icon
Jyles Klassen Picture

Jyles Klassen

Telling stories in interesting and visually compelling ways. Shooter, Editor, and Animator.

Kathryn Guenther Icon
Kathryn Guenther Picture

Kathryn Guenther

Hi there! My name is Kathryn! I do a lot of 3D, Graphic Design, and Illustration!

Kenton Nickel Icon
Kenton Nickel Picture

Kenton Nickel

Kenton is a 3D and 2D artist who’s passionate about videogames, and hopes to someday make one or two of his own.

Kristina Ung Icon
Kristina Ung Picture

Kristina Ung

Hi I'm Kristina. I'm a front end web developer & designer.

Lauren Parker Icon
Lauren Parker Picture

Lauren Parker

I have a passion for character design and story writing. I love to film scenery on the side.

Lauren Wainwright Icon
Lauren Wainwright Picture

Lauren Wainwright

Hi! I'm Lauren Wainwright and I'm a front end web designer and developer. I am a very motivated individual who has a passion for technolog

Matea Radic Icon
Matea Radic Picture

Matea Radic

I draw with paint and paint with paper.

Megan Brown Icon
Megan Brown Picture

Megan Brown

I am an enthusiastic, highly motivated individual who adapts quickly to environments, people, and new concepts.

Michael Garcia Icon
Michael Garcia Picture

Michael Garcia

Web designer, artist and all around good guy.

Laurel Hybschmann Icon
Laurel Hybschmann Picture

Laurel Hybschmann

I love to draw! :]

Ryan Carevic Icon
Ryan Carevic Picture

Ryan Carevic

Hi I'm Ryan, a 3D Artist & Digital Media Designer. I love to create captivating works that inspire and amaze.

Sarah Wood Icon
Sarah Wood Picture

Sarah Wood

Hi there, I'm Sarah. I have a great passion for video games and animation, as well as 3D modeling and illustration.

Sean Savoie Icon
Sean Savoie Picture

Sean Savoie

After years of schooling around the city I'm ready to apply my skills as a Interactive & Web Designer. Clients are my first priority now.

Scott Grant Icon
Scott Grant Picture

Scott Grant

My name's Scott Grant and I'm a Video/Motion Graphics major. I am inspired by smooth animation, flat icons, subtle colour and posters.

Sarah Knutson Icon
Sarah Knutson Picture

Sarah Knutson

I'm Sarah Knutson I recently completed Digital Media Design at Red River. I love creating videos, digital graphics and illustrations.

Thomas Murphy Icon
Thomas Murphy Picture

Thomas Murphy

Friendly, outgoing and adaptable with a deep love for Video Game Design and Conceptual Illustration.

Tia Simoens Icon
Tia Simoens Picture

Tia Simoens

I am a digital media designer specializing in 3D graphics, illustration and graphic design.

Samantha Muranski Icon
Samantha Muranski Picture

Samantha Muranski

I am a videographer and a motion graphic designer. I love to keep learning new things and meet new people.

Trevan Crowe Icon
Trevan Crowe Picture

Trevan Crowe

Hey there I'm Trevan. Conceptualizing and creating beautiful environments is my passion.

Johnnie De Guzman Icon
Johnnie De Guzman Picture

Johnnie De Guzman

Illustrator/Motion Designer with a penchant for marine life.

3D Computer Graphics

"Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world."
Thomas Moore

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Arianne Quinn Icon
Arianne Quinn Picture

Arianne Quinn

A 3D Artist with a background in graphic design and theatre, complete with a strong appreciation for coffee.

Ashley Wiebe Icon
Ashley Wiebe Picture

Ashley Wiebe

3D Computer Graphics student captivated with story telling through animation.

Daniel Alllardyce Icon
Daniel Alllardyce Picture

Daniel Alllardyce

Easy-going guy with a love for game art and design.

Devon Nelson Icon
Devon Nelson Picture

Devon Nelson

Laid-back 3d Artist with a taste for competitive games and heavy metal music.

Danielle Petrie Icon
Danielle Petrie Picture

Danielle Petrie

I love baking and creating 3D environments

Elyne Marion Icon
Elyne Marion Picture

Elyne Marion

Bachelor of Fine Arts and now a 3D Computer Graphics Diploma, I'm hoping to be an animator some day soon.

Jostin Asuncion Icon
Jostin Asuncion Picture

Jostin Asuncion

A budding 3D artist; game animation and cinematic animation is my specialty. I live to put a smile on your face.

Laura Duggan Icon
Laura Duggan Picture

Laura Duggan

Besides creating cool projects in 3D, I'm designing my own comic and love watching Star Wars while working on them both!

Matthew Kehler Icon
Matthew Kehler Picture

Matthew Kehler

Sail easy.

Mike Melillo Icon
Mike Melillo Picture

Mike Melillo

Fun fact. If you say pineapple as someone is about to sneeze, it will stop them from sneezing.

Nicholas Luchak Icon
Nicholas Luchak Picture

Nicholas Luchak

Nicholas Luchak is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with newly acquired skills in the fields of 3D art and animation.

Robyn Turner Icon
Robyn Turner Picture

Robyn Turner

I am a 3D artist, Digital Media Designer, and Photographer. I specialize in photo realistic rendering and visual effects.

Roberta Swidinsky Icon
Roberta Swidinsky Picture

Roberta Swidinsky

I have a passion for 3D videogame design and comics... the two can coincide.

Nathan Friesen Icon
Nathan Friesen Picture

Nathan Friesen

Hello there, I'm Nathan and I specialize as a 3D generalist. I love to spend my time creating awesome projects.